Our gaming group has taken many shapes and forms, but we try to have a good time playing games. Our players and storytellers have had years of experience, and we love to enjoy ourselves and the game settings we create.

The first leg of the Detroit by Night game encompassed a total of six players, and all wanted more. Unfortunately, scheduling became an issue, and the game drew silent. It later revisited for another run, and slowly dissipated. Now, we are continuing to expand our chronicle online.

We ask that all players respect each other and the location in which we play (in regard to table-top sessions).

With table-top sessions, our location can change from homes to gaming shops, and we ask all players be courteous to the hosts. Hosts have the final say on the allowance of smoking and alcohol at gaming sessions. We ask that if you do partake in these vices (what glorious vices!), we ask that you bring some to share with the host, and possibly the group.

As always, you supply yourself with food, beverages, and cigarettes.

Please, this is just a game. Try not to take it seriously.

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